Why Emenac Call Center Services Encourages Contact Center Workforce Diversity

The world is forming a global culture, which means that in every part of the world there are people from all ethnicities, color and social standings. Behavioral scientist have done studies that show that same language is likely to give strangers in a foreign land a sense kinship.

A contact center service provider represents its client brand to the people of the world. If an agent can speak in a same language as the caller, s/he is more likely to be trusting of the agent to guide him/her right. Emenac Call Center services claims itself to be a contact center of the modern century, which is why it cares for ethnically diverse families. While recruiting agents for our contact center we tend for the people who have the skill set corresponding to the location of the client company. We do our research in local interests, slangs, belief, and every other characteristic that defines them. Like in Miami, USA a whopping 70% population speaks Spanish.


If our client company is in Miami then we prefer the candidate who is bilingual, capable of flawlessly conversing in Spanish and English. Emenac Call Center Services reserve quota for minorities, immigrants and disable people and nurture their needs during the period they work for us. Management of diverse workforce can get tricky but with constant supervision and compliance it reaps great benefits. We retain the employees we hard, because they can relate to the people and understand them on a genuine level.


As a community-oriented and humanist organization, Emenac Call Center Services is always a believer that boundaries and skin does not define talent. And encourages its fellow contact to rise above the superficial and develop their recruitment strategy around merit.


What we can do best for businesses

We are specialized in customer support services not because we offer customer care services to the businesses but we offer customer contact center solutions as well as industrially adept call center agents to the businesses by investing best of your recruitment services which enable us to hire customer care agents not just call handlers and receptionists.


Here we have classified our call center agents in three different sections:

  1. Telemarketers
  2. Customer support agents (Voice specialties)
  3. Non-Voice Support Agents




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