Live Chat Support on Websites: The Why’s and How’s

Web traffic these days is relentless. The marketing geniuses are always pursuing new ways to bring traffic to their eCommerce websites, and help them find something they take a fancy to. Being a part of this vast eCommerce multiverse, you know these details to be true. The most effective technique to convert a hot lead into a purchase, is to offer live chat support to your customers. If you are not the one to be convinced by flowery language, then let us present you with some statistics that are extracted from an international survey conducted with ethnically diverse participants.


  • 73% customers are satisfied through live chat, ranking it top among all support channels.
  • 83% customers need assistance of live agent when making an online purchase.
  • 38% customers were known to make purchase after a good live chat.
  • 90% customers appreciate live chat.
  • 63% customer returned to the website they knew to be offering live chat.

These are some of the facts that shows that offering live chat support services is beneficial to customers but companies also benefits from it as the orders will be more accurately and specifically placed. Through live chat services customers get a better idea of what to expect of the product/ service they are ordering thus any room for misconceptions is essentially removed. A manuscript of the conversation sent by email helps customers remember what got them interested in said product and they can return at their convenience.


Your online store will boost considerably with a live chat service option. Better yet, choose Emenac Call Center Services for your live chat support provision because we offer everything and on a reasonable price too. Our skilled live agents have a type speed of 85 wpm and our services are always industry specific. Our live chat option is presented with:

  • Speedy Services
  • Complete Product Range Knowledge
  • Proactive User Engagement
  • Lively Language Through Courteous Virtual Agents
  • Option to Escalate to Other Channels


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