The Need for Modern Day Customer Contact Center Outsourcing

Businesses today has more competition and more opportunity than ever to expand their operation and customer pool. But this expansion had a pillar supporting it, one of vital importance i.e. flawless customer care department.  Outsourcing to an external customer contact center like Emenac Call Center Services might help you deliver the customer support your patrons deserve. And this is how.


With the ever growing popularity of internet and social media, it’s hard for businesses to keep up with the demands of the customers in a timely and efficient manner. Emenac Call Center Services can help these businesses to be all time accessible to their customers. Emenac Call Center Services is an equipped modern day customer contact center with the capacity to answer all customer queries. The quality of service will remain supreme on all channels.


We have been providing a large number of customer support services to businesses for over a decade to bridge the communication gap between our clients and their customers. We offer  call handling services,  live chat support services, social media customer service, email support services, technical support, phone help desk, phone order taking services, and telemarketing /outbound services to a number of corporate members, regardless of the extent of their operation.



phone help desk

We can work for as much as 24 hours every day of the year because of our 24/7 service availability, thanks to our call center agents. Our skilled customer care agents have the right skill set that’s includes technology advancement and behavior properties to the best accommodate the customer who reach out to our client brands.

At Emenac Call Center Services, we don’t simply answer phone call queries but we collect the customer data and analyze it, evaluate it to take measure to boost the market value of customer’s brand by adding good will to the reputation of business. The analysis points out how to develop client’s brands and which aspects of a product/service needs improvement. This is something an in-house phone answering staff do not have the resources for.

Outsourcing is a budget safe, efficient move that has been proven to be of invaluable insight into business development. Partnering up with Emenac Call Center Services can mean the benchmark progress of your business.


Phone Order Taking Services in Digital Age

This is the age of eCommerce. And you know what that means?

Liberty to Shop Anywhere, Anytime

Phone order taking services are the most sensitive point when it comes to take phone calls done by customers, you can say it’s the breath for business to go on. But, are your customer care agents doing their work efficiently to convert every call into potential business customer?

This might sound like a lot of work for small scale businesses but it is also an opportunity for progress. Even larger corporation can expand their sales target without even having to stay operational to cater all customers day and night. Not when Emenac Call Center Services is offering a much smarter and price effective alternative. Your company can outsource your order taking services to us and never worry about any missed sales opportunity again. And if keep on reading, you will agree that it is indeed a smart alternative.


Round The Clock Service Order Taking Services

Emenac Call Center Service can entertain your order line as long as you wish. Your firm may remain closed for the weekend or holidays and yet our order taking phone handlers will cater to your customer’s incoming orders. With almost all brands offering 24/7 services, the customers have all but forgotten things like inappropriate time. Your firm can rank in major business leagues by being more accessible to customers.

Order Entry & Processing for Businesses

That’s an obvious one. But we do order entry promptly as order is confirmed by the customer. Later we track an order’s progress until it’s delivered safely in the customer’s custody. We also monitor the present stock to know beforehand if shelves need replenishing and see which product are moving slow, so we can devise promotional campaigns.


Complete Guidance throughout the customer lifecycle

Not every customer reaches out with mind all made up, Emenac Call Center Services’ skilled phone order taking agents determine customer’s wants and guide them accordingly. When customers decide what they want they are further guided about the aspects and features of their product and how it will benefit them.

Multichannel Order Taking Services over phone, web chat and email

In present times, our phone ordering taking service is no longer limited. People like living in digital age which is why they prefer online mediums for shopping. If your firm has an e-store or if you are selling your product/service on social media, our call center agents will cater to customers online as well; through emails, live chats and even video conferences if required.


Budget Effective services to help you run business Smoothly within Capital  

If a firm choses to engage an in-house order taking team, it will need both equipment and workforce. It’s safe to say this approach will incur more cost with repairs, upgrades of equipment. Workforce will also be needed to hired, trained and supervised not to mention the wages and benefits. You can let Emenac Call Center Services worry over that and run your business far easily.

Email Customer Support Services

Email Customer Support.

No one wants to lose its potential clientele and that is where a well-monitored email customer support system is required. After sale services are very important to majority of the customers that are either not well-informed about a particular product or service or like to get reminders from time to time. A well-managed email support system builds a sense of loyalty by providing clients with the required amount of information at the right time. The hardworking agents at Emenac Call Center Services makes sure no email of yours go un-answered. Having no email support has a number of long-term setbacks and inconveniences for the clients.


When clients are not being attended on time, there is a good chance they will shift to other products or services. In order to save your company from facing any such problem, the agents at Emenac Call Center Services help in providing services such as inquiry handling, product promotion, customer care and order processing with complete effectiveness. Without a well-connected email support system, companies may have to come across issues such as, increasing overhead costs and responsibilities for the in-house management staff.  By letting EMENAC CALL CENTER SERVICES handle your emails, you get to save both your time and cost to a greater extent.

Now a days, it is very important to fulfill the needs and demands of your potential customers. One small delay in communication can lose them to your competitors. Our team of customer care specialists are flexible, thick skinned and always there to assist you. Having a well-connected email support system makes most of the work easy and manageable for sellers as well as buyers. EMENAC CALL CENTER SERVICES provides a multi-channeled email support system with a team of dedicated and well-equipped agents having all the modern technology and a great degree of knowledge. Our team is always ready to answer queries, solve problems and provide your clientele with the right type of help and assistance.

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