Phone Order Taking Services in Digital Age

This is the age of eCommerce. And you know what that means?

Liberty to Shop Anywhere, Anytime

Phone order taking services are the most sensitive point when it comes to take phone calls done by customers, you can say it’s the breath for business to go on. But, are your customer care agents doing their work efficiently to convert every call into potential business customer?

This might sound like a lot of work for small scale businesses but it is also an opportunity for progress. Even larger corporation can expand their sales target without even having to stay operational to cater all customers day and night. Not when Emenac Call Center Services is offering a much smarter and price effective alternative. Your company can outsource your order taking services to us and never worry about any missed sales opportunity again. And if keep on reading, you will agree that it is indeed a smart alternative.


Round The Clock Service Order Taking Services

Emenac Call Center Service can entertain your order line as long as you wish. Your firm may remain closed for the weekend or holidays and yet our order taking phone handlers will cater to your customer’s incoming orders. With almost all brands offering 24/7 services, the customers have all but forgotten things like inappropriate time. Your firm can rank in major business leagues by being more accessible to customers.

Order Entry & Processing for Businesses

That’s an obvious one. But we do order entry promptly as order is confirmed by the customer. Later we track an order’s progress until it’s delivered safely in the customer’s custody. We also monitor the present stock to know beforehand if shelves need replenishing and see which product are moving slow, so we can devise promotional campaigns.


Complete Guidance throughout the customer lifecycle

Not every customer reaches out with mind all made up, Emenac Call Center Services’ skilled phone order taking agents determine customer’s wants and guide them accordingly. When customers decide what they want they are further guided about the aspects and features of their product and how it will benefit them.

Multichannel Order Taking Services over phone, web chat and email

In present times, our phone ordering taking service is no longer limited. People like living in digital age which is why they prefer online mediums for shopping. If your firm has an e-store or if you are selling your product/service on social media, our call center agents will cater to customers online as well; through emails, live chats and even video conferences if required.


Budget Effective services to help you run business Smoothly within Capital  

If a firm choses to engage an in-house order taking team, it will need both equipment and workforce. It’s safe to say this approach will incur more cost with repairs, upgrades of equipment. Workforce will also be needed to hired, trained and supervised not to mention the wages and benefits. You can let Emenac Call Center Services worry over that and run your business far easily.

Social Media Customer Support Services

Phone Order Taking Services with Customer Support.

We have a huge network of well-connected telephone lines and a team of highly skilled customer representatives who work on a 24/7 basis to make sure no procedure gets delayed. We understand the importance of customers therefore, we make it our duty to accommodate them in the best possible way through crystal clear voice and well-trained agents. Emenac Call Center Services has helped many small scale businesses stabilize and large scale businesses expand and is still on the mission to provide you with the competitive edge that you deserve by lending you our exceptional call center services anywhere, everywhere.

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The highly trained agents at Emenac Call Center Services are fully adept to the changing trends and potential tactics of social media. You don’t have to go through the hassle of managing your multiple social media accounts and websites yourselves. Our specialist staff members can save your precious time by managing, promoting and stabilizing your virtual image. You not only get to enjoy popularity, but can also enjoy an increase in lead generation and an overall expansion of your business. Our agents know what, how and who to target at any given time and we are competent in phone order taking services therefore, you are in good hands once you become an EMENAC CALL CENTER SERVICES client.

When it comes to virtual service industries, EMENAC CALL CENTER SERVICES stands among some of the prominent names. We have helped startups become stable and lead established businesses towards expansion. Our motto is to provide your product, business or brand with an impactful image on the web. This way, you can finally be able to enjoy an increase in sales and a bright future ahead. Our agents can take care of your customer queries, marketing and promotion on a 24/7 basis. It is not always feasible for busy decision makers to take care of various social media accounts and websites and that is why we have assembled a team of specialists for your assistance. The Emenac Customer Support team has the right type of team for all your web related inconveniences.

Social Media Support Services and Phone Order Taking Services.

Many popular websites and social media portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are playing a major role in providing businesses with the right kind of boost. These days, it is important for your idea or business to have some kind of virtual existence and that is when our trained media support service team comes into picture. The more stable and bigger your business is, the more difficult it becomes for stakeholders to manage. In order to maintain a steady channel of digital marketing and competitive research, it is important for any business entrepreneur to take help from the specialists at this job.

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We believe in connecting with your customers rather than just providing them with information. We help maintain good relationships by assigning our brand specialists and professional trainers on your task. We have the infrastructure and the team to handle all sorts of calls as well as other areas such as emails, website queries and social media messages on a 24/7 basis. We are confident enough to provide you with the right kind of call center services no matter which business industry you belong to. We have been helping businesses thrive for the past 13 years and are still on the go to help you flourish.

Our personalized phone answering services have been designed keeping your business needs in mind. Our call answering services are set according to your business and market niche. As far as the agents are concerned, they are specifically trained to deal in your local lingo. Besides from that, we also provide you with a dedicated phone number that you can use to advertise as well as divert to your local business number. We will answer your phone calls in your company name exactly like your local company receptionists. With our social media team, the customers and regular callers will receive good quality social media customer support services with complete consistency.

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